COVID-19: 'We can't go back to normal!'

I think this time a little more is expected from the 'Inspiration-Lab'" of NEW BABYLON 3 than our usual findings regarding future developments. So here is a so-called 'long read' from the Guardian regarding how the Coronavirus is and might change the world.

As always your comments are more than welcome.

the Guardian 31.03.2020 Peter C. Baker

"Another recent crisis, the 2008 financial crash, was resolved in a way that meant banks and financial institutions were restored to pre-crash normality, at great public cost, while government spending on public services across the world was slashed."

"Lockdowns have made many of us, sitting at home glued to our computers and phones, more dependent than ever on big tech companies."

"Covid-19 might open the door to political progress." "Ideas that used to be seen as leftwing seem more reasonable to more people. There’s room for change that there wasn’t beforehand. It’s an opening."

"..the task today is not to fight the virus in order to return to business as usual, because business as usual was already a disaster. The goal, instead, is to fight the virus – and in doing so transform business as usual into something more humane and secure."

"Although Covid-19 is likely the biggest global crisis since the second world war, it is still dwarfed in the long term by climate change. Yet the two problems have suggestive similarities. Both will require unusual levels of global cooperation. Both demand changes in behaviour today in the name of reducing suffering tomorrow."


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