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FUTURE of FOOD: Sorghum

Walter de Milliano Wikipedia Commercial Sorghum WHAT IS SORGHUM? Sorghum is truly a versatile crop that can be grown as a grain, forage or sweet crop. Sorghum is one of the top five cereal crops in the world. Sorghum is among the most efficient crops in conversion of solar energy and use of water and is known as a high-energy, drought tolerant crop that is environmentally friendly. Due to sorghum's wide uses and adaptation, “sorghum is one of the really indispensable crops” required for the survival of humankind. Move over, quinoa: sorghum is the new 'wonder grain' The ancient grain originally from Africa has American chefs raving about its texture, taste and drought-resistance: ‘It fills your mouth and your stomach’ the Guardian 7 Surprising Benefits Of Sorghum Some of the health benefits of sorghum include its ability to prevent certain